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Andreina Brengola Jewelry

Industrial springs in steel, aluminum, semi-precious stones, plexiglass, silicone, and synthetic paste, mixed together give life to simple and elegant jewels with a unique and original design.

What can you find at BrAgorà?

All the production of Andreina Brengola Jewelry, from necklaces to rings and bracelets. With the laboratory in one of the shop spaces, BrAgorà guarantees all the novelties and unique pieces.


Collégien socks/slippers have the softness of a sock and the comfort of a slipper. This makes Collégien the indispensable indoor children’s shoe. Created in 1947, the Collégien brand has managed to maintain its artisan know-how over the years without losing its modernity. Collégien collections are always in trend and the colors are always carefully chosen.

What can you find at BrAgorà?

Dozens of colorful slippers/socks, patterns for all tastes, from younger children to adults, with a particular eye on comfort.


Jellycat was born in London in 1999 by launching a line of unique soft toys, extraordinarily soft and original. Irresistible to cuddle, funny and perfect for all ages. Give yourself or give a new little friend to whoever you want.

What can you find at BrAgorà?

A funny and colorful army of wonderful puppets to give to anyone you want, regardless of age.


Rains is a modern brand of rainwear lifestyle clothing that creates waterproof models for the citizen of the world. Influenced by its Scandinavian heritage, Rains adopts an uncompromising simplicity approach that has its roots in practicality and relevance. Rains is convinced that good rainwear should not neglect a well thought out design. And in fact, Rains garments, bags and accessories are designed to withstand the most stormy climates, while addressing the most current trends at the same time.

What can you find at BrAgorà?

Light raincoats or padded raincoats, bags, rucksacks and hats in technologic material, suitable for rain, practical and resistant.

13 Ricrea

13 RiCrea is a company that combines the world of design with the ethical concept of recovering raw materials and resources that are reused to create new products, in an ethical and sustainable way with respect to modern eco-design production values. the production is entirely Italian and the name of the company, which is based in Serralunga di Crea in Piedmont, recalls the importance of safeguarding Made in Italy contexts that are still very close to niche and entirely manual production.

What can you find at BrAgorà?

A line of capacious and practical bags, made with recycled material, colorful and unique in their simple genius.


Cycled is an Italian brand born in the province of Venice from the idea of ​​Luca and Silvio, two brothers who believe in recycling, craftsmanship and a sustainable lifestyle. Since 2014, they have given thousands of used bicycle tires a second life by creating unique design objects.

What can you find at BrAgorà?

Virtually everything Cycled produces belts, bracelets and the practical key holder with a built-in USB stick.


In the Londji world, there is a return to the games of the past: theaters, spinning tops, kaleidoscopes, puzzles, traditional games in wood and recycled cardboard. Based in Barcelona, ​​their products are distributed in over 40 countries around the world, to cheer all children, from 3 to 103 years old!

What can you find at BrAgorà?

An almost exaggerated choice of all the games and pastimes created by this Spanish company. Practically impossible not to find something that you will not want to give, even to others :).


Palomar is a design company founded in Florence, Italy in 2001.
The products they design and manufacture – a collection of nomadic objects – are radically innovative for the new meanings they aspire to bring to everyone’s daily life and experience.

What can you find at BrAgorà?

In our shop, you can find their famous “crumpled maps” and the bottles with the brand “Venice”, ​​to be filled with the water of the city’s fountains, for a conscious consumption of plastic.

Charvet Editions

Charvet is one of the leading French manufacturers of industrial fabrics made with natural materials, they lend themselves to dozens of different uses. At BrAgorà you can find beautiful and comfortable bags created with their fabric.

What can you find at BrAgorà?

The beautiful bags produced with the prestigious fabric of this French house. Elegant and robust bags at the same time.


Effetre is one of the most dynamic realities of the famous Murano glass. The processing techniques, currently used at EFFETRE MURANO SRL, date back to the 19th century. Over the years the technique has been accompanied by cutting-edge design choices.

What can you find at BrAgorà?

At BrAgorà you can find unique, colorful and design accessories for smoking.


Cingomma was born almost 10 years ago in Turin from the hands (literally) of Maurizio, who decides to prefer a product whose creation is industrious and not industrial and to do this he puts his heart, face, and hands into it. Cingomma recycles tires, giving this material a second life.

What can you find at BrAgorà?

From BrAgorà the two flagship products of this young company: belts and wallets, all rigorously produced with recycled material.

Studio Saor

Studio Saòr is a creative studio founded in Venice, Italy in 2014, they describe themselves as creators of “illustrated architecture”: the starting point is the analysis of the city, from which they extrapolate themes to create their series.

What can you find at BrAgorà?

Prints and stationery items designed and created in the Saòr Studio, unique products with careful packaging.

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