Spritz t-shirt

The origin of the spritz can be traced back to the custom of the troops of the Austrian Empire stationed in the Lombard-Veneto Kingdom to lengthen the local wines, of high alcohol content, with seltz or sparkling water. Hence the origin of the name, which we want to derive from the Austrian German verb spritzen, which means “to sprinkle”, that is, to perform the gesture of lengthening the wine with sparkling water. It first became popular in Venice and Padua and, starting in the seventies, throughout the Veneto region, and in 2011, it was made official with the name “Venetian spritz” by the IBA” – Wikipedia

The Spritz t-shirt

For years relegated to the worst bars in the provinces of Padua, Treviso and especially Venice, the Spritz has now become the most famous cocktail in the world. Known in all 5 continents (it is not excluded that it is also drunk in Antarctica, where we know that ice is not lacking, ha ha ha) here from BrAgorà, in association with the creatives of Officina, we created the “Spritz T-shirt “, the only T-shirt that besides being a piece of clothing is also a simple guide to the composition of this magic potion, which allows you to speak with Marghera’s rolled “R” even if you come from Ascoli Piceno.

And as it should be, we have created the T-shirt in 3 flavors, pardon, colors, the classic sweet orange Aperol (the most loved by women), the bitter red Bitter (the favorite from the alpha male of the North East) and finally black fragrant Cynar (more than a cocktail, a healthy drink).

The shirt is made of organic cotton and is available for both men and women in all sizes. Buying it is easy: you can click on the button below and order as many as you want online, or just go and visit us!

The spritz t-shirt costs 20 Eur (+ shipping)

Aperol (orange)

Bitter (red)

Cynar (black)



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